This marquee is an example of early 1990s internet html code at the time. Hella nostalgia right?! Remember AIM? You can still use AIM ! See below!

Early Internet Of The 1990s


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The 1990's were a very exciting time for computer nerds. Not only was there the rise of Windows 95, but other really cool versions of Linux such as Red Hat were hot! Computer hacking was becoming more and more common as well.. It's hard to believe that a lot of the flaws which made exploits so common back then, were used for almost 30 years before software engineers starting programming around them.. There was an obsession with storing plain text information on a users system, and it was being done by big software corporations..

playstation  windows 95

The early internet was a boom, and it was becoming more main-stream and affordable for the average American house-hold. At the time, software was more verbose and exciting in my opinion. Look at Windows 95 and AIM [ aol instant messenger ] for example. Then nostalgia is epic right? When you compare modern versions of apps such as ICQ to the older ones, most agree they don't stack up. "Social media" then was "instant messenger" apps. They weren't on a website either like Facebook... They were applications that you ran on your computer! Internet chat rooms were fun and exciting then, and people weren't afraid to talk to strangers. Everyone was thrilled to be oneline. There was no "taken for granted" at the time. This was before the dark times of internet censorship.

yahoo email  tv gif

Getting on AOL Instant Messenger [ AIM ] was something that the youth around the country enjoyed. It was fun to connect with total strangers and have deep and meaningful conversations. It's like it sorta encouraged human kind to connect on a more, unconscious to conscious level.. It brought out a sense of "reaching out" to one another in ways that weren't filtered by social norms.. Some of the best conversations I've ever had were on AIM back in the day. Other awesome applications of the time included Microsoft Chat, ICQ, Winamp, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AOL, etc.

The flavor of the 80's, primarily the late 80's, still lingered in the early 90's, when terminal based applications were still hot. DOS(Disk Operating System) was the thing ( the main os of the early 90's ), and it was booming. Prior to 95, most people were still using DOS, which meant that you had to at least understand some syntax to work with a computer. FTP servers, bulletin boards, and other early internet based communication and file sharing systems were still in.

microsoft gif

Imagine the excitement of utilizing every online service that you do today for the first time. We've made it boring, and predatorial today.. All the information gathering, advertising, and useless memes on Facebook.. The nostalgia of the 1990's is something that new generations will never understand. YouTube didn't even exist back then... Google was just getting started in the late 90's and was totally different than today..

cd  compact disk art

If you ever get a chance, pull up an old show somewhere online called "The Computer Chronicles", and take a look back to a simpler time, when software engineering creativity seemed to be at its height.. The modern era we live in has devolved in some ways.. Mobile devices and tablets simply can't provide what desktop computing could in terms of a computer nerds satisfaction. It can't provide the same user experience, nor are a lot of modern developers creating software that's anywhere nearly as cool as what we had in the 1990s ... I aim(pun intended) to bring back a 90's feel to my software.. Hit me up on Aim Pheonix @ | (#_#)

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