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Preview Of Alpha FTP Client

Alpha FTP Client
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I just wanted to give you guys a preview of my upcoming Alpha FTP Client! It is a really cool looking, full fledged GUI, designed and used for uploading files to remote FTP servers. These types of servers are usually used to host websites on the world wide web [ the internet! ] . They have other uses as well, and you can learn more about that on Wikipedia's FTP Page. I can't help but sit back and gaulk at this puppy... It amazes me that most software is black text on a white background. I get the idea of light weight and everything.. but I tried this bad mo fo out on a Windows vista box and it purred like a kitten son. " meow "... I just wanted to show my fans and yet to be users its epic beauty and sophistication prior to its realease.

I think your pc can handle this software, even if it's old. It runs fine on an old 2009 box for me. The FTP/SFTP Client is in the works. It will be released in pre-release form [ beta testing module ] at some point this year [ 2020 ], along with several other titles of mine! Man is it ever cool. You can pull up a settings window on this application for the output display of the app, and it will actually allow you to change the background and foreground color, save, print, etc, the output.[ verbosity at its finest! ] I promise you, once you use Alpha FTP Client/Server, you'll never want to go back to any other brand.

Another great and unique feature for this FTP client is that it will also support SFTP! What is SFTP? It's the same thing as regular File Transfer Protocol, except it's more "secure", ( allegedly ). Secure protocols tend to use either encryption, hash check-points, and other techniques invented to prevent prying digital eyes from stealing sensitive information over the internet. Things are taking a very long time to evolve in terms of the science of computer security. The interesting part in all of this is that these enhanced protocols, that utilize encryption, etc, could have just as easily been invented and implemented decades ago. Recent evolution of code is only a preview of what's to come.

You can also check out the great Electronic / Technology Shops that I support, via this website. When you make a purchase through one of the vendors, I get a financial cut ( a commission ). Thank you for supporting my work and my life. Right on. May the karma and paying it forward make the world a better place for all of us.

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Blogged: September 9, 2019 at 2:36PM
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