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Preview Of Alpha FTP By GreyHatLaboratories

Alpha FTP Client
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Alpha FTP Client is a really sexy looking full fledged GUI for uploading files to remote FTP servers. These types of servers are usually used to host websites on the world wide web [ the internet bish! ] . I can't help but sit back and gaulk at this puppy... It amazes me that most software is black text on a white background. I get the idea of light weight and everything.. but I tried this bad mo fo out on a Windows vista box and it purred son. " meow "...

I think your pc can handle it. Man is it ever cool. You can pull up a settings window in the output display for the application, and it will actually allow you to change the background and foreground color, save, print, etc, the output.[ verbosity at its finest! ]

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Blogged: September 9, 2019 at 2:36PM
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