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Tumblr;   Diaspora

Wireclub   Aim Phoenix


It's different. I like the color theme and the feel. I've seen some really cool post come through. I think the general nature of the content is higher in quality than on Facebook. Tumblr is the type of social media I think that rewards participation. It makes sense for people to browse other peoples social media pages as much as they theirself post. After all, if all everyone ever does is post and no one reads then all we have is an epic and un-necessary exchange of data, which is cache, which is cash monies. BTW, follow Grey Hat Laboratories Tumblr Page Here!


Diaspora was coded by an Irish lad who wanted to let social media be free and not controlled by coorporate interest. It's laid back and legit. There is no "Diaspolice", if you know what I mean. Enjoy the service and please don't abuse it. There are a number of different "pods" you can choose from when you create your account. Introduce yourself with the #newhere hashtag. Choose your colot theme. It's old school.


Wireclub is awesome.. The chat rooms are actually inhabited and used by real live human beings like Aol Instant Messenger was back in the 90's! There are tons to choose from, and it also has games ( not into that myself ), a feed like other platforms. So you have that, you have a blog, chat rooms, and all sorts of other cool features and uniqueness. I give these guys credit because in my opinion, they are very talented developers. There's a differencec between developers, and talented ones too. Hats off Wireclub engineers! A job well done, I say!

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Aim Phoenix
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After AOL dropped Aol Instant Messenger towards the end of 2017, a lot of people died inside. Fortunately, a skilled programmer built, on the work of other coders, a project called "Aim Phoenix". The genious created a Server that would allow people to connect to it, and chat through AIM just like before, and using the same software clients that were around in the 1990s! What made this possible, was the fact that the AOL employees who developed AIM[without the consent or direction of AOL mind you], created the application to allow the user to change the server name and port for the actual login server. So you go in and change it to, and click apply. Check out the Pheonix project @ http --> (#_#)

You can use Pidgin with Phoenix as well, but Pidgin users be ware.. By default, all instant messages are stored on the local drive in plain text [ ASCII ].. So even if you unheck that in your settings, anyone you chat with could be running that default setting, and storing everything you type to their hard drive. Just keep things in mind when using computers. Mainly, remember that there really is no such thing as privacy, so don't act a fool or feel like because you're behind a computer screen that everything's secret.

I'm not going to talk bad about any specific one. I want to also suggest Google Scholar.

You came here for alternatives and that's simply what I am offering you. With either one of these platforms, you will not be forced or ever asked to upload your drivers-license, passport, or your actual real name. There is no "billing department" with Diaspora, and i'm not sure about Tumblr on that one. I don't have internet access on the laptop that i'm writing this blog on, and my phone is dead on the charger. Otherwise, Google it.

For similar reasons that I offer these alternatives, I also plan to create my own platforms. Stay tuned for my offline search engine project that's in the works. It will not list any known major coorporation urls. It's an engine for skilled webmasters, amateur journalist, and anyone who's been oppressed on the web by big corporate interest and favortism. It's for the small guys and gals, the markters who've had their affiliate income chipped away at, etc. Come join me, and we will re-develope search engine visibility, and we'll do it in a way that's fair. Also make use of Google scholar!

Here are some more: [irc]

Metacafe[in the works]


There's acutually a huge list on freedom of the dot press.. (designed for pc)

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