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ascii encryption kit

Software Description

ASCII Encryption Tool Kit

This includes a random ASCII Encryption Key Generator, An Encryptor, and a Decryptor. First generate the encryption key. This key is to be stored in a rar file with password protection on a jump drive. Do not store it on your computer for added security. If someone gets the key, they can decrypt the message if they too have this software. So that key is your security and this is why they are generated at random, so no two keys are the same. If someone gets the encrypted file without the key or software to decode it, all they are left with is random numbers. It's pretty cool. (#_#)

Type: Terminal Based [x] ; GUI [ ] ( Coming Soon! )

Works on: Xp[?]; V[x]; 7[x]; 8[x]; 10[x] Next_Win_os[?]

I'm working on the site and the business
, bear with me.

This software is free!

It's pretty bad Azz.. (#_#)
Guys, I got the password on the archieve issue fixed. I re-uploaded it. This version is free. The newer releases will be something else. Because of their complexity and the time put into them, they will be available upon donating a financial gift. Future versions will have trial and then paid versions.

Price: Free

I'm working on a new release of this software which is much more secure. Check back soon for updates!

Please donate a gift of even $1 to paypal:


I suggest the use of Winrar to make your RAR archive(s). It allows you to password protect your archives. I did not create Winrar btw. I just recommend it to go along with this software but that's a bonus option not a requirement. It's required that the key is stored some place where the encrypted message is not.



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