What are the benefits of offline search engine software?

~ Not subject to negative SEO Attacks

With other search engines, black hat SEO tactics are a reality. There's also corporate favortism to deal with. Grey Hat Laboratories search provides favortism to the small guy. I personally and manually check every submission, with a special computer [ in case the links contain malware ] and approve or disapprove them based on bias towards "maw and paw" type companies, individuals, etc. GHL has a natural bias towards the small guy and legit content.

~ No BS Content

Because I manually approve and maintain the search engine, you don't have to worry about all these big companies hogging the front page and out-ranking your legitimate hard work. You deserve to make money online, and propser. Your content shouldn't be controlled. As long as it's not illegal, I am ok with it. I will not penalize you for linking to sites unrelated to yours in content, aka "outside your niche".

~ Virustotal.com approved

Everything is scanned for malware with virustotal.com and other main-stream online AV for websites. I strive to make sure content is clean and trustworthy. You must provide your hosting provider name. If you're just getting started, and your site is not loaded with any kind of information collection, we can talk about http links.. I do highly suggest to upgrade to https as an investment down the road if you're just getting up on your feet financially. Don't depend solely on Grey Hat Laboratories search engine.

~ Crawling coupled with real human analysis
The pages are crawled by bots of mine which point out things that could improve results, and to find things that I may not want to have on the search engine. This helps me manually check the entries, pages, and look for changes. You can expect people to try to pull one over on you in life. Because of this, pages which are approved may be routinely checked for any funny buisness. I'm a regular everyday normal guy. I'm not a billionare, nor do I run a billion dollar greedy coorporation. I'm a struggling entrapaneur just like you. Just me and other creators around the world, and let us bring each other to the top.

GHL Search engine will NOT favor mobile friendly pages! Once you're in the search, you're in and you're set. You can request new pages be indexed. If you use desktop friendly only, or mobile friendly only, it will not matter. Your website is essentially your website. I'm sorry but, buy a laptop and desktop pc. They are so much better. We do ask that you specify in your submissions whether you have mobile friendly or not. We also don't have a problem listing free websites like wix.com 000webhost or neocities. If your cause is worthy enough, and your work is thorough, we will promote you.

GHL Search Will Not Effect Your SEO Rank In Other Engines!

Because the searh engine is offline, it makes no difference how well Grey Hat Laboratories.com ranks. Your sites are being linked to from a piece of software that's stored on your hard drive in the same way that your web-browse is stored on your computer or device. No matter what the ranking of this website, the software can and will always be hosted on other main-stream download sites. Thus, you are GUARANTEED traffic through this project. Please join, it's FREE! GHL is growing every day and you can expect this to be a trending project before too long.

Submit Your Site!

I'm already accepting submissions. Email a DIRECT LINK(non-clickable,in plain text)[no attachments!] to a .txt .html or .xml version of your sitemap and url to greyhatlaboratories.com please include a short description, title, and keywords you want to rank for. I will include a feature in my search engine that randomly shifts the rankings. This will enable everyone to rank equally, but acording to a randomly generated algorithm. Site that are light weight [load fast], well maintained, with originality will be accepted. I don't reply to emails for security reasons. Please include details about your submission. This inludes keywords, desription, or anything you'd like me to know. You can submit a separate description from that of the meta data, one that's as long as 4 paragraphs.

I will be releasing this a.s.a.p folks!
Send me your url submissions now!



No Illegal Content.
No Porn. ( I know.., sorry. (#_#) jk )
No big coorporations.
Spam free
Website must be cool

[ Advertising and affiliate marketing ALLOWED (just be legit) ]

It's September 2019. The first beta release of the engine will be released by December 2019. Submit your sites today! You don't have to link back to us, but please mention the words "Grey Hat Laboratories" on your websites, to return the favor.

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Please feel free to make donations.

Contact me via webmaster@botanicalguides.com or donate to paypal: StonedAimUser@Aim.com

I can accept Paypal or anything else. Thanks again! (#_#)

Use the subject "greyhatlabs" or "donation".

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