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BitCalc Software

BitCalc is a file size measurement converter. This, the first release, has some issues but generally gets the job done. It's not precise, but will convert solid numbers easily as long as they equal at least 1 of the OTHER measurement type. So for example, 1024kb=1mb. Entering 1023kb into the calculator will not display any decimal form of x MB until v1.5[the next release!]. Entering 1024kb into the calculator will however display 1mb. So it gives you a general idea of the conversion rate but it won't be precise until the next release.

bit calc by greyhatlaboratories

This is because I sort of "hop around", in my work. After I finish v1.0 of something, I will likely begin working on other software, something that I started but never dabbled too far into because of other projects, something more towards "new" and far from finished. So over the months and years, you'll see new releases, new versions, and an ever evolving software company.

All of this completely designed and influenced by myself, my fingers, my intellect, and my drive towards personal accomplishment and originality. My tools are the keyboard, the mouse, the code, and my vision is a fun filled journey towards software evolution and personal financial growth. Please support Grey Hat Laboratories by purchasing my software and or making donations to this self promotional software engineer.

This page was last updated on Jan 22, 2020. This version was recently moded and re-compiled/released to patch a bug.


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