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Welcome to the Grey Hat Laboratories Blog. Here I will write blogs on pretty much anything that I want, as long as its related to computer science, electronics, or technology in some way. Every article that I've ever written for this website will be archived and accessible to anyone who accesses the site. There are also tutorials and related resources on here and more to come. Notice the YouTube videos on the sides of this page and others to great programming tutorials for beginners.

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  • Six Windows Exploits You Need To Secure and Monitor

  • Windows Hacks And Tricks For Amateur Nerds

  • Netbios File Sharing Exploitation & Prevention Tutorial

  • Remembering Sub7 [Subseven] Remote Administration Tool

  • Remembering BASIC Programming Language

  • English-German Tutor Translator <~ Study Guide [ Open Source In Python ]

  • Beginner Python Script Examples

  • Dos/Command Prompt Syntax Guide

  • What Are Some Cool Websites?

  • Internet Freedom - Fight Internet Censorship

  • The Dangers Of AI [ Artificial Intelligence ]

  • How To Bypass Internet Censorship

    Things To Do Online when You're bored

    How Are Computer Viruses Possible?

    GHL Upcoming Offline Search Engine [ Now Accepting Submissions ] Supporting the little guy!

    Alternatives To Twitter And Facebook[Mobile]

    Why Mobile Devices Are A Downgrade To Laptops/Desktop Pc's[Desktop]

    Alpha FTP Client - Preview Teaser! [Desktop]

    Early Internet Of The 1990s[Hybrid Possibly]

    Archive[coming soon]

    The articles above will eventually be moved to the archive section. Just to let everyone know, I am willing to link to other small time creators such as myself in exchange for a link back. Whether or not that link is dofollow or nofollow is fine with me. Link exchanges are vital to some extent, to get the word out of a new website of great potential.

    This blog has been online sense around July of 2019. My target audience is like-minded individuals who also have a lust for good software, writing, technology, equipment, tutorials, electronics, computer science, security, etc. It's an ever growing project and there will be more to come over time.
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