Legal Disclaimer: By being here you are by default agreeing to this sites legal disclaimer. Nothing on this site is intended to be used in an illegal or malicious fashion. I am actually in the process of designing my software to detect malicious behavior from the user and then self destruct. I intend to do what I can to prevent black hats from making use of my work as it's not intended for them.


Legal Disclaimer And User Agreement Upon Using This Software And Being On This Website

You must agree to Grey Hat Laboratories Legal Disclaimer to have any sort of communication, interaction, relationship, or exchange with Grey Hat[I, Scott Hermann[JSH](domain/project owner), affiliates, promotees, etc. Anything that goes against this is a violation of this legal agreement which should be referred to from this point on as the "disclaimer". It's meant to protect both me and you. I am affiliate with and do earn money with ads on this site, thank you for your help and my financial well-being.

Look guys, I don't put my name and contact out there to release malware and break the law.. I'm not a peice of **** like that, nor am I dumb enough to do that. This site is 100% legit, and the name GreyHat is just a name in this case. By Browsing this website, downloading, or using this software, you are agreeing to this sites legal disclaimer. By being here, you understand that none of this software designed or intended to be used in a malicious fashion. You agree to abide by all laws, local, federal, international, and otherwise, by not attempting to alter the function of, or find malicious use of the applications herein. I'm new to this whole software developement.

The title "Grey Hat Laboratories", is not a hint or indication of illegal activity, it's stimply a name. I am actually in the process of designing anti-virus and other security software to protect the public against the black hat. Black hat is a term that refers to criminal hackers. These are the people who write and release harmful worms and viruses that damage data and systems, and steal and cause people trouble. I am working to combat internet crime by developing security suits and other useful tools. The rest of this disclaimer continues below:

# / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / # # Grey Hat Laboratories # # / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / # By browsing the website, "", downloading, or using this, or any software on, or ever distributed by or its owner, or any of the services provided herein or related to, including my amateur website building service, or installing, purchasing this or any software from me[potentially, down the road], the owner of the domain, you are agreeing to this disclaimer and release statement: In general, I, the owner, designer, programmer, and founder of my project, "Grey Hat Laboratories", or "Grey Hat Labs", [ ], have created and stand behind this legal disclaimer which applies to all of my software both free and paid for[potentially paid for, in the event that GHL becomes a company, or the confirmation that software can legally be sold without being an actual buisness.] I accept financial gifts in the form of donations until the logistics of this can be researched more thoroughly. I do the best that I can to show that I care, try, and make no outrageous claims that I can not stand behind. I create my software to the best of my ability in a way that is preventative towards potential malicious behavior. For example, projects such as "Grey Hat" and other servers(apps that communicate across the internet), are NOT invisible, so as to disallow any secret and manevolant use of these applications(pieces of software). I make no claims that anything on here is 100% fail proof, un-hackable, un-crackable, or anything else in relation to their "perfection", or "absolute security". There is no absolute guarantee for anything when it comes to being fully secure and protected from all threats. In computer science, such a reality doesn't exist. I will present information on their intention, and want everyone to understand that me expressing the intent of my software, and its actual performance, are two different things. I'm not trying to down play my software. I'm saying that I am human, and do not think that I am perfect. If I am not perfect, than my software can certainly not be. I do think that it is really cool however, and hope to one day own this name as a company. As a programmer, I code by the rule of, "Do the best that you can, use originality, compromise as need be, constantly evolve your code and knowledge, while remembering to never assume anything you create is full proof. Make every version better than the last.". In other words, I try gto avoid what I call "titanic ideaology". This software has no guarantee of anything in any way other than to work as best as I could make possible. I do this to protect myself and to be honest. We can never assume that we have created the grand masterpiece of any form of engineering, science, or art. For it is in that ideaology which damages the evolution at hand, and causes it to abruptly stop, to a complete and utter hault. I do my best to handle false antivirus flags quickly and appropriately. This means that I frequently submit my software to various antivirus companies so that they can examine it and fix false detections. It's a never ending process. I'm making it known that it is possible for a false detection to occur. Please do not freak. You can contact both me, and the software company in question. can provide you with a list of all email contacts for those companies. Most AV developers have a section on their website where you can submit suspicious files, or for programmers to submit their software for false detection correction. Thank you for understanding. The files are progressively cleared of any false flags through every vendor who operates through's scan engine and any others reported or found throwing false flags. By installing this software or surfing this site, you hereby agree not to get upset at me over petty stuff, to hold me responsible for any occurence as a result of the softwares use, any bugs that i'm openingly admitting may exist and probably do, etc. You aree that you understand mistakes and misunderstandings happen, and not to flip a lid on me and go bonkers. I do my best to provide citations on any potentially used graphics, which, unless otherwise stated, originate from which clearly and openly states that all images provided are free for commercial use with no attribution required. I have provided that citation here regardless. Thanks! I can not guarantee that this software will work on all systems. I also want to cite Inno Setup as my professional setup file creator [ takes your compiled software and packages it for distrubution in a dope setup.exe file. It even allows you to set any icon you wish. (#_#) ] In the event of some type of copyright mix up with names or, images(I don't see that happening, but for the sake of covering all bases,) please be cool. Even when people don't realize it, sometimes they may accidentally slip up and use the wrong name, or something that's taken. Please understand that if there is any occurences of such a similar situation with me or my website(s) or software, that if you contact me at, I will fully cooperate and resolve the issue with you accordingly, and quickly. Please be polite. It does happen but has only happened very little and was quickly resolved in my very few experiences. Again, my images originate from and are legal to use, even commercially. You agree that i'm clearly not a sleezy person and that any mix up's or complications are not my fault. I never claimed anything was perfect. I believe that most of my software works on 32bit systems and pretty much xp,vista,7,8, and 10. 64 bit systems run backwards compatible but not the other way around, right? or do I have that wrong? I'm not going to guarantee that this software will work on all 32 bit systems from xp-10 though but am confident that they will. I am open to any suggestions or pointers from other programmers or fans, and welcome them so long as you're being cool and not snobby. Thanks (#_#) This disclaimer was originally typed up in Janurary 2020 and still applies to this date along with further amendments to come, possibly. You also agree that I reserve the right to ammend new details to this agreement at any time and that the version on the website is the latest up to date version. I will include updated versions with updated pieces of software as time marches forward.

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