Legal Disclaimer: By being here you are by default agreeing to this sites legal disclaimer. Nothing on this site is intended to be used in an illegal or malicious fashion. I am actually in the process of designing my software to detect malicious behavior from the user and then self destruct. I intend to do what I can to prevent black hats from making use of my work as it's not intended for them.


Legal Disclaimer And User Agreement Upon Using This Software And Being On This Website

Look guys, I don't put my name and contact out there to release malware and break the law.. I'm not a peice of **** like that, nor am I dumb enough to do that. This site is 100%, and the name GreyHat is just a name in this case. By Browsing this website, downloading, or using this software, you are agreeing to this sites legal disclaimer as seen below. By being here, you understand that none of this software can even be used in a malicious fashion. You agree to abide by all laws, local, federal, international, and otherwise, by not attempting to alter the function of, or find malicious use of the applications herein. I'm new to this whole software developement. I had to remove the download link for project ASCII until I can resolve an issue with a few antivirus companies. This is a common issue in software developement. Check out this YouTube video by another programmer: false positives on antivirus software

The title "Grey Hat Laboratories", is not a hint or indication of illegal activity, it's stimply a name. This software is not intended to be used in a malicious or illegal fashion, nor can it. I am actually in the process of designing anti-virus and other security software. Black hat is a term that refers to criminal hackers. These are the people who write and release harmful worms and viruses that damage data and systems, and steal and cause people trouble. I am working to combat internet crime by developing security suits and other useful tools. Check out this great video below on paranoid AV and the trouble it can cause amatuer programmers:

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