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Hi! I started this project to have fun doing what I love, and to make money legally. Grey Hat has been online sense around July of 2019. It cost more to host a website today than ever before because of new SSL certificate requirements and hosting prices on the rise. On top of that, time is money. I humbly ask from those who use my software, of benefit from my work in anyway, to please donate a financial gift today to support me! Thanks to everyone who contributes. Y ou can also support GreyHatLaboratories by shopping from these great shops which pay me for my advertising services. Thanks!

As of the first of February, 2020, I don't have any "supporters versions" available yet. Down the road, supporters who donate at least $20 to Grey Hat Laboratories will receive a free CD or DVD-ROM in the mail with copies of all free software provided on this site, any pre-releases that may or may not be available, and one "supporter version" of any software title of your choice. These special versions of software are pretty much the same thing as a paid for version of software, that is, has more features and no limitations. Know that my free software doesn't have time trials, adware, or any hidden spam-like agenda. They'll work forever!

Until then, all I have to offer is my free software, tutorials, and services! Thanks to all that pay it forward! Know if you run a small business, are an entrapaneur, or do something similar to mine for a living or as a project for future profit, i'd be more than willing to network and support you in exchange for the same treatment. I'm not opposed to properly done link exchanges or advertising opportunities. Please contact me with any questions, concerns, comments, etc.
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