Update! VERSION 0.7 RELEASED JAN 13, 2020!

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Software Description

Secure Password Generator v0.7

Passwords are a bigger deal than you think. The average computer user doesn't use a secure password. They need to be lengthy, and have a combination of lowercase, and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. This secure random password generator does all the work for you and makes it easier! I've built upon previous programmers before me to engineer my own software technology to generate random passwords! My intention is TRUE randomness and un-predictable characters as an end result.(#_#)

A lot of passwords are cracked by plugging or "guessing" your credentials by utilizing as much information known about you as possible. That's why using certain things for your PW's like: your hobbies, important dates, family names, birth days, etc, is not a good idea. This tool makes it easy for you to quickly generate secure credentials. You won't even need to remember them for one of two reasons.

One option is that you can reset your login every single time you use it, thus enhancing your security even more. The second, is that in the supporerts version ( a full version you get as a gift for donating a financial gift to GHL of at least $20 ), you can actually STORE these logins in what's called "credfiles". Credfiles are encrypted files which contain your service id's, usernames, and passwords, so only you can view and use them.

Coming around April of 2020, a special supporters version of this S.P.G.M. will be released. For those who are willing to donate to support this project, they will receive a disk with software of their choice ( granted I have a supporters version of that application ). I'll also include as many of the free apps available to date as I can fit on one CD. You agree that these donations are financial gifts. Thanks to all of you who help keep this project alive.


Free Download of v0.7 below!

Released v0.7 notes

Price: Free

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Report bugs to: stonedaimuser@aim.com

You can store your passwords in a a ZIP or RAR archive with a password, and store them on a computer that you keep offline. You can take it a step further and encrypt them with my tools and then store them in the compressed formats... Keep this archive off-line.


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