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Software Description

White Hat DEMO Beta 0.5

White Hat is similar to metasploit. This particular release is for doing legal security testing locally and for educational training purposes on a local box. Soon I will release another beta version of this that leans more towards educational. This mean it will offer a lot more explanations and even syntax examples to go along with the modules. It's perfect for training someone to understand windows based operating systems and the common exploits that need to be protected on such systems.

Legal Disclaimer

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Software Features

Pen Testing Tools Include:

- Features Listed Soon -

This software has not been released yet. Soon!

Price: $75

One time price.

Upon ordering, you will receive an email with the rar files password so you can extract and use the software. Please keep in mind that the orders are filled manually by me when I have time. Please do not share the passwords to the archives because that is stealing and it's illegal. I get that it happens anyway so. People will be people.

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Note: There will also be a YouTube video below.

White Hat  White Hat

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