• How are computer viruses possible?

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    Please note that I do participate in the Amazon llc affiliate program which means I earn money for promoting products listed on their site. When people click the ads and make purchases, I get paid a cut. Thank you!

  • Best software to defend against hacking and malware?

  • ZoneAlarm & Ip Tools

  • Whats the difference between malware and computer viruses?

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    How are computer viruses possible?

    Computer CPU's ( Central Processing Units ) are a form of pseudo-intelligence. They are not however, programmed with any sort of judgment calls as to the nature of their instructions. Their instructions being the source code which instructs their operating. The very blue prints of their silicon pseudo-life resides within what the CPU is being told to compute, and how to operate. This makes computers very vulnerable. They literally do what they are told. Antivirus software is basically instructions which detects other malicious instructions. They can however flag clean software as positive for malware, and malware as clean and safe.

    Computer viruses don't grow on moldy fruit peels.. They are written by people. You can protect yourself from this type of malicious code by being very mindful about what you download, and where you download it from. If you wonder off to the wrong part of the web, and end up downloading a Trojan horse, don't expect every AV on the planet to protect you. It's gotten so bad that some of the newest AV programs are actually paranoid, and will detect a lot of things which are not even malicious, as they monitor system task more than just blue-prints alone.

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    Best Software To Defend Against Hacking And Malware

    A Firewall is the way to go, and one with process monitoring and controlling abilities. As long as you don't have a root kit installed on your system, and you are not totally computer illiterate, this piece of software should assist you in securing your system. Sadly, the only real way to protect a system is to keep it offline 100% of the time, and keep all jump drives away from it, always. Systems are so vulnerable that the more you go online with one, the more it gets hacked [ and not, the higher the odds it will get hacked ]. It's a creepy reality, but I'm glad to join team White hat. I know I know, Grey Hat Laboratories is a cool name though you gotta admit. It's dope af son. (#_#)

    The best firewall in my opinion is Private Firewall, and that's because it gives you more control as to what these other processes are doing. It goes about as far as software can go in terms of controlling everything that goes on, on the system. If you're not advanced with computers it can be over-whelming and may not fully secure the system. If you know what you're doing however, it can be a great asset. I suggest your online computer be a Linux OS like Tahrpup, and that you use a live disk, or reformat once a year. Do this to ensure no root kit re-access. Those people are creepy af. If you want something that's run by professionals who work around the clock to stay ahead of potential malware threats tho, go with MalwareBytes Software

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    ZoneAlarm And Ip Tools

    Number two on my list was one of my favorites of all time back in the day. Zonealarm. You gotta tell it yes or no to every process that tries to access the internet. It has different levels of control, from low, to medium, to high. Even if an AV program doesn't detect a threat, this piece of software will actually say hey, soandso.exe is trying to act as a server, on port xxxx, which tells you... bingo.. 99.9% Trojan.. unless this application has some reason to await incoming commands from another computer then this is awfully suspicious. I suggest doing port scans on your own system from time to time. I highly recommend a very old but incredibly thorough and verbose af piece of art, a true masterpiece, called IP Tools. It's one of the greatest pieces of software of all time. I'm a big software fan too.

    Whats the difference between malware, and computer viruses?

    A virus is more of a random act of digital destruction type of thing, where as malware is more of a spy and steal type of thing. Viruses have been known to damage file data, destroy data, harm system operating system files, structure, attach themselves to other files, infect, destroy, harm, etc. Worms a like are harmful most of the time, reproducing and causing digital havoc. Malware however can be anything outside of this, perhaps more 007 spy type in nature. Stealthy software hides in the background or even integrates itself with the windows operating system. This is freaky. Because it means that the only thin you can do is reformat the drive and install a fresh copy of the OS. You gotta protect your system immediately upon installing the OS, otherwise, overtime, it can be compromised. That's my advise. From root @ Grey Hat Laboratories, I'm out, peace out (#_#)

    I am affiliated with the companies who's banner ads are on this website. I am not affiliated with ZoneAlarm, Private Firewall, or Ip Tools. I just think they all kick booty, just like Nullsoft and Winamp was hot af back in the 90's and 2000's.. These guys get the certified Grey Hat Laboratories seal of approval and quality. It's a word of mouth type thing but yea dude, they rock. I'm an amateur software engineer and entrepreneur who wants to make money with software and yet I'm still promoting other software developers for free. Cmon guys please help me out, and make a small donation today of even $1 to my paypal: StonedAimUser@Aim.com (#_#) Seriously. This website cost cash monies.

    What about mobile devices?
    What about them? Take them, and run them over with a fork-lift. Buy a laptop. They have nice big keyboards on them, and nice big monitors that are larger than any tablet screen... They are higher performance than mobile devices and tablets, and they are a much more satisfying experience, as well as less stressful and easier to use. All of that aside, I suggest No Root Firewall found in the google play store, whom I am also not associated with. It has a built in VPN and offers adequate process control [ control over what can access and can't access the internet ]. Even when I publish my security software I will still side-promote all of my other favorites as I feel we are all a team, more than we are competition.

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