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Grey Hat Vision

Pre v1.X

code dream

Upon scrolling through my source code one morning in July, 2019 [when I wrote this], I caught myself in the act of contemplating a few things. I saw in my mind, and accepted the future of, my software.. my creation... I knew people most likely would wind up cracking some of the security features, and that they were bound to catch on to a few of my secrets in time as well. This didn't leave me with any negative feelings. In the end, I knew my work was a step up from many software corporations before me. I knew I had applied a new level of skill to my source code, based off of their mistakes..

These realizations left me feeling excited. The more I envisioned the future of "Grey Hat", and "Grey Hat Labs", the more exciting it was to realize how its potential would exponentially evolve. All of this under the influence of my own intellect. It was and still is very thrilling and satisfying for me. To this day I see the future prior to its un-folding. It's an amazing way of creating my own awesome reality. I hope that generations to come follow my lead in creating more secure software by being less lazy and more intellectually rebellious and independent. Hopefully I am a big inspiration to many.

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