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Most of this site should look iight on a decent sized mobile device. But to tell you the truth those things kinda bug me. For one, they track your every move. Two, I remember prior to me finally owning one back around 2016, I used to see everyone I know sit around [ a group of people hanging out ] and they're all glued to their cell phones. It makes ya wonder, have we lost touch with what's real? <~ YouTube video[ Google ]

I gotta say I'm disappointed that you're surfing the internet on a mobile device or tablet. Have you ever heard of a Laptop or Desktop PC? They are INCREDIBLE! You can plug all kinds of goodies in them... and oh man.. Have you ever seen what a real monitor looks like ? Surfed some of the coolest graphical masterpiece webpages that you ever surfed in your life son? Talkin bout like mebious on neocities Imagine how good it would feel right now to have a big azz keyboard right in front of you. Imagine you're chillin in your bed and got a big a monitor right next to you, big bright colors, makin you drool n ****.... Hooked up to your dope 90's boom box... Got the equilizer specified the way you like it 'n all that..

Can your mobile device do all that?

No. You got us downgrading for you...

It's annoying.

A Future Of Truth

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