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Update: Jan 22, 2020

Near Future[2020+]

I've updated each one of the apps for download on this site. There were some bugs. I'm really sorry bout that. We are good to go and this project appears to be up in the works for the long run! Thanks to all the supporters. I plan to have some "paid for" software for sale around August. I said April originally, but was calling it way to quick. I can't guarantee these deadlines. They are simply educated guestimates of the "E.T.A." ( Estimated Time Of Arrival ). I can tell you that they will be well worth the wait, and in the price rances of $40. I will be mailing disk via cd-mailers two day priority shipping. Please contribute to this project and give back financially with a donational gift: paypal ->

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Grey Hat Laboratories offers free software[which you can jump to Download here], blogs[news], videos[Vimeo/YouTube], Resources & Tutorials, and eventually some paid software down the road. You can donate a financial gift if you wish, and I humbly ask that you please do. My paypal is I will have a lot of free security type applications on here, and other cool and useful tools. My creations are original, effective, and their uniqueness is as impressive as their style and efficiency. I, and other developers, often have to submit our software to other companies such as Microsoft, for false antivirus flags. Here is an example of such a service, as titled via Microsofts url, "Submit Malware And False Detections To Microsoft"

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More About Me

I'm an amateur software engineer trying to get something going from nothing. I face the difficulty of getting a website to rank well on Google and other great search engines from 2019 on from scratch. That's right, this site has only been online sense the summer of '19. Not only that, but to create software that paranoid AV products dont produce false positives for in terms of "malware", which these days, is any program that doesn't store its registry settings directly under "Software", as a way of hiding its methods ( for security ). I suggest not using pyinstaller alone guys, as it's caused me and others problems in this area. Instead, go with Inno setup.

Last updated: Dec 12, 2019 12AM
Professional Installation Setup Compiled

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Title Latest Version Release Date Works On Download
Bit Calc 1.0 Pre-release Jan 22, 2020 Windows
project ASCII Notepad 0.6.7 Jan 22, 2020 Windows
Secure Password Generator 0.7 Jan 13, 2020 Windows
ASCII Encryption Tool Kit 0.x [Terminal] Late Aug, Early Sep, 2019 Windows
Alpha FTP Client 0.x GUI Preview Sep, 2019 Win
Preview Blog
Tropics Archeiver 0.x GUI Preview Sep, 2019 Win
Preview Screenshot
Omega Task Manager 0.x GUI Preview Sep, 2019 Win
Preview Video[Coming soon!] ~ Preview Screenshot [Camshot]
Internet Archiver 0.5 Console 12/21/19 Linux
Learn German/English .71 Console 3/1/2020 Windows SourceForge (open-source)  In Deutsch

I'm releasing some new programs for you guys to download around the first portion of the New Year, most likely. I'm going to be adding a ton of tutorials as well! I will include with those tutorials, a link to a mp4 so you can have a visual lesson. I believe in letting no work go to wast. Seeing as how I've already had a stagnant YouTube channel with high quality python tutorials, for years too. I figured (with excitement), "I might as well". I've recently uploaded a slightly newer pre-release of a few titles below. They are in a rar archive, with a setup.exe installer ready to install these dope light weight apps on your favorite Windows Vista, 7 , 8 , or 10 box!. So whatcha waitin on fool? Download a mawfk! :)

Apple iPhone XR, 64GB, White - Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

One thing I would like to ask of you is to ( and please don't take this robotically, but take it literally... ) .. PpPlease subscribe to GreyHatLabs YouTube Channel, because I really want to get paid again from them one day. I fear that YT may delete my account, so I'm VERY careful not to violate the terms or even say or do anything questionable in the eyes of the mighty tube lol. I look forward to everything related to this project and all my others. Thanks for being here!. Check out the selection of awesome software I'm offering below, which in generally runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and code-name NEXT! AND believe me... You won't be disappointed... Original, Aesthetic, Simple. Light weight AF too...



Full Fledge

[Note: You can right click and go to save as. ~ Uploaded 9/13/19

Here is a direct link to the Bit-Calc video. Size:4.9M

Here is the video-link for Omega Task Manager --> video [new window]

Here is the video-link for project ASCII Text Editor Pre Release Video [ new window]

None of the videos above are hosted on YouTube. They're all hosted on Godaddy.

I've recently re-compiled what software I do have hosted here with Inno setup . There was some issues with false AV detections prior that I had to address. Note: Kindly submit potential false positive detections to the anti-virus company which made the detection. They will get back to you with a confirmation that it's clean, and update their detection. I'd like to point you to a great article by nirsoft in regards to how _ _ are a common situation for small companies and developers. Here are three screenshots from several AV companies to verify that my Software is legit and clean, feel free to contact them as well. It took me a while but here they are. One is , another is Microsoft[believe it or not ;)], and a second, then cat-quickheal followed suit.. I've recently released freshly new, re-compiled code using a different compiled as mentioned, Inno setup. I'm really happy to see that this was the problem but sad to see pyinstaller be targeted this way because python developers already face a competitive market. It's completely fixed my problem though guys, and has given my software users a nice, clean, formal install option. I hope you all enjoy! PaLEASE donate.... It really is this site staying online or not..

Grey Hat Laboratories
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