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Things To Do Online When You're Bored

Re-kindle your lust for the www...

laptop computer

Listen to Pandora Radio

I purchased an old late 80's / early 90's model boom box the other day for five bucks. It's now hooked to my favorite laptop [ one of ] and i'm surfing the net with excitement while jamming to dope a music son. Have you ever gotten bored though and felt like still want to play with your computer in new ways? Try something new like when you do an internet search, cilck on page 5 and start there. Dig your way far back in search results and see what you can find. You'd be surpised. Besides, do the people fighting over the first page really deserve all of the attention to theirselves? Nah. Check out pandora radio and listen to cool music while you learn something new!

Visit The Internet Archieves [ WBM ]

There's another cool thing you can do online if you're into the trip of nostalgia. Go check out the way back machine from your favorite era in time. If you grew up when I did it's likely the 90's and early 2000's. Checking out,, and and other popular sites of the time like will give you all the nostalgia you need. You can literally travel back in time and look at any website you wish from the year 2001 or any other year. I like to look up old music from the 90s and early 2000's and then surf the "old internet" as I call it, browsing around on the way back machine [ ] . It's so much da*n fun.

Surf somewhere new.. bing.. yahoo..

Again, my final two or three suggestions, not sure how many there are.., but Wireclub, neocities, and this really tripped out "digital drug" [ caution: do not look at this if you have had a history of seizures ! ] You gotta realize that you hardly ever really explore the world wide web, and only instead hide in main-stream heavily filled corners of its vast depths.. Branch out and try new things like, and even! Know that there is more out there and good and information a-like await your curiosity. Play it safe though, and use great caution. Be paranoid and vigilant. Get your moneies worth from your internet service provider!

Check out free for good!

Check out neocities, and while you're at it please donate some money to them. I don't get paid by them or anything but it's a great little community where nerds everywhere can share their own piece of the web in the form of art and digital graphiti. It's also a great way to link to important areas of the web for free. It's essentially a way to empower anyone in the world who wants to get a message across but has little to no money to invest into doing so. You could get lost in the depths of the collaboration of hard disk and/or solid state drives that is sweeeet. (#_#)

Take up roms and emulators

If you're into video games at all, ROMS are a cool thing to check out. Heck, if you're into computer science at all I suggest checking out this source code and the soundtrack to this game [ top gear snes ]. The music is awesmoe, especially if you're a stoner, and you can view the source code of it written in assembly language. It's a pretty incredible thing to look at. This is 90's computer science were talking here, 16 bit machine. but Yea, check out zophars domain if you're into video games you can play snes, nes, playstation, sega, and other old retro systems on your computer ! ! ! It consist of two parts, the emulator, and the rom. the Rom is the game and the emulator is the software that runs on your computer which emulates [ plays ] the game.

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