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grey hat labs

Please note that I do participate in the Amazon llc affiliate program which means I earn money for promoting products listed on their site. When people click the ads and make purchases, I get paid a cut. Thank you!

Let Me Build You A Web site!

I am a young and determined entrapaneur, html programmer [ website developer ], affiliate marketer, and software engineer. My dream is to have a great life, contribute great things to the world, and to have fun paying for that awesome life by doing what I love, writing code. I've been doing affiliate marketing sense around 2011 for money. It involves web design, and code of course.. I wanted to expand when I first started and now i'm also working on and releasing tons of applications for pcs and eventually mobile devices!

My Web Design Services

I create, design, and code, from scratch, raw html websites. The webpages that I create are simple, load fast, look right on all devices, are easy to read, navigate, use, are visually pleasing, rank well, and are fully optimized for search engine results and functionality in general. The cost depends on how many pages are on your website. I charge $120 for a 5 page website.(I will also COMP prices) Keep in mind that the domain name, hosting, and your SSL certificate all cost separatly, and are to be purchased from a provider like GoDaddy and not myself. Also understand that I am affiliated with GoDaddy, and do earn commissions from them for signing people up.[or will, once I update that url upon account approval]

Payment Options

You don't get a burger before you pay for it, so why would you get a web site before you pay for it? You will see your website prior to payment, but the html files will not be uploaded to your domain until payment is received. In this business, it's common to get ripped off by people. Once you hand over the files thinking you're gonna get a paypal payment, you've essentially screwed yourself. In 99% of all other business transactions on the planet, the customer pays before the product or service is received. Thanks for understanding! I don't mean to sound crabby, but I pride myself on my time, and my skills when it comes to building, and designing high performance web sites from scratch! You could always build your own and save yourself a lot of money using Xara Web Designer – 15 – Easily create your own websitesweb designer

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