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    Please note that I do participate in the Amazon llc affiliate program which means I earn money for promoting products listed on their site. When people click the ads and make purchases, I get paid a cut. Thank you! Pretty please allow the popups to load as they pay for this site! Pay it forward please, as I am offering you free software and tutorials that I work for!

    I Prefer Laptops and Desktops Over Mobile Devices

    Need to know if your web-page is mobile friendly? It's sad to me the idea of desktop computing coming to an end.. The other day, I was walking around inside the local Walmart, and I saw a really dope desktop for the first time in a long time in the electronics center! I was immediately elated and over-whelmed with excitement. This thing had ventilation holes in the side, a HUGE fan over the CPU, and some sort of RAM cooling material, hugging the RAM slots much like the heat sinks do on a CPU chip.

    Why was it so amazing to see these old school type of devices in the year 2019..? Well.. For one, MOBILE DEVICES SUCK, and it's been a while sense I've seen Walmart stock an actual DESKTOP PC! The screens on mobile devices and tablets are small, even on a "BIG" phone or tablet, they do NOT compare to a laptop or desktop PC. Two, the entire internet ecommerce community is having to forcefully adapt to this universal downgrade in development, and quite frankly I'm not in favor of it. Really, place both of the devices side by side and tell me which is better.

    I have another affiliate site that once got ~175% of the traffic it does now. I'm having to re-developed the entire site to mobile friendly, because I didn't conform until the financial results forced me to realize I was had. I manually have to change over the pages because I refused to conform to WordPress, and instead stick with raw HTML code that would work in the early 90s still to this day. A lot of custom links were used on the site, making it impossible to do a simple find and replace of the banner ads.. costing me more time and money..

    Yet, if I'm to code a website, it must be done my way. I also realize there are plenty of search engines out there, and social media platforms to help me get my message and domain circulated fairly across the depths of the entire world wide web. This excites me. I'm also in the process of brain-storming ideas that will be applied towards an OFFLINE SEARCH ENGINE that I'm going to release! People will submit their URL's to me, and I will manually approve them. and listen.. Why can't a search engine offer its users an option, do I want mobile or desktop friendly search results? Why not design a quick addition to html's meta elements.. and include one called "designed-for" that allows a developer to specify Desktop or mobile friendly for the search engines and social media platforms.

    Know that I am aware every black hat on the planet was thrilled when they read that line, and understand I check all of the pages prior to actually executing them in a browser. At any rate, this will be the coolest search engine project ever.. I will work at it and expand it until it's so big,, yet so UN-corrupt.. I will create a disclaimer pertaining to the search engines existence by stating that it's to never be commercialized by major vested interest. It's goal will be to assist the small guy, not the billion dollar corporations.

    Please note that while this website might look right in most mobile devices, there are some which are too small, and thus the page will look completely out of proportion on those devices. If one owned a Desktop or laptop, they could see the pages just fine, and would be in awe at its natural beauty. This is why mobile devices suck. This is why you should get yourself a really dope notebook pc, and check back in the future for my offline search engine which updates its database by remotely accessing and downloading the latest world wide web sitemap. (#_#)

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    Blogged: September 8, 2019 at 3:31PM

    Note: If you're on a phone this website looks like crap. That's because It's designed for a laptop or Desktop PC.

    I do this because I enjoy it.

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